Category: display

  • Minecraft Server Display

    A while ago, I set up a Minecraft server here in our house, so my oldest son could play Minecraft together with his friends. They love doing that, but without turning on the computer, there was no way of knowing if anyone else was on the server. Hence, this project! The idea is that this […]

  • Fun with EL-wire

    Last night was the last day of 2013. So I figured I should do something new to celebrate the new year. Hence, some EL-wire fun. EL-wire, or Electroluminescent Wire, is a lot of fun to use. It looks really cool and is very flexible and easy to use. But it cannot be lighted with batteries or […]

  • Using an analog panel meter

    I bought an analog panel meter from electrokit and wanted to test it using an Arduino.My meter (there are other kinds) reacts to current, from zero to 50 μA (0.00005 Amps). So to get it to show 100% (50 μA), I gave it 5 V through a 100 kΩ resistor. I used Ohms law to […]

  • Four-digit-display

    When I first saw them for sale in a catalog, I immediately knew I needed them! I just had to figure out a good use for them. Each kit includes two fairly large 7-segment LED displays from Velleman (K8063) controlled via RS232. Perfect for hooking up to a computer to display… digits..? So I ended […]