Completed Arduino Projects

Here is a list of Arduino Projects that have left the prototyping (breadboard) stage and have become stand-alone gadgets.

Weather Information Display

A device to sit in the kitchen and display current weather information as gathered from my personal weather station. This device also controlled a four-digit display that showed the outdoor temperature to people walking by the house.

Wedding Celebrator

This was a device I built and gave away as a wedding gift. It had a LCD-screen that would show random messages to the newlyweds while playing some simple tunes.

Blinky Ghost

This little device uses a PIR sensor and a bunch of high-brightness LEDs (inside a ghost-shaped figure). When the PIR detects movement – like someone walking past the ghost – the LEDs will start to blink rapidly. As soon as no more movement is detected, the LEDs will blink slower and slower until they eventually (after approximately 10 minutes) will turn off completely. Read more!

RGB display

A simple (if there ever was such a thing) project that has an RGB-LED which can be controlled using three knobs. The nice feature, however, is the ability to read the exact values of the Red, the Green and the Blue.

New Years’ Celebration Clock

This is a small box with a four digit display on the front that shows the current time. This is what it does for most of the year. But, on New Year’s Eve, when there is less than 10000 seconds remaining of the old year, the display will show the remaining seconds instead. After midnight it will blink the new year repeatedly for several hours, and the next couple of days also flash the year every now and then.

Celebration Alarm Clock

Pretty similar to the New Years’ celebration clock, this device also features an alarm function, and will celebrate not only New Years’ Eve, but also a number of other important dates of the year; for instance all of the family members’ birthdays, anniversaries and other (more or less) important dates.

Power Consumption Meter

A pretty discreet thing that measures the current power consumption in my house and sends the data to my homepage. This way I can follow our power consumption continuously by looking at graphs and statistics on my homepage. The device itself has no buttons, just a four-digit display (showing current power consumption, of course) and a few status LEDs.

I’ve built two of these devices, quite similar in design and function – I gave away one of them and use one myself.

Minecraft Server Display

Here, I use an Arduino Ethernet to read the current number of player who are logged into my Minecraft Server. It also features a clock which is synced with an Internet Time Server. Read more!

Outdoor Temperature Sensor

A temperature sensor connected to an Arduino inside a weather-proof enclosure which sends current temperature (and barometric pressure) data wirelessly (using an XBee) to an…

Indoor Receiver

The indoor receiver gets the current outdoor temperature and displays it on a four digit display. This information is also sent via an Arduino Ethernet to my homepage which draws and displays graphs of the temperature and pressure readings. The indoor receiver also has a built-in clock-module and displays the current time, date and year. It automatically syncs the time to an Internet Time Server and automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time.

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