Month: January 2012

  • DIY buttonshield

    When prototyping new Arduino gadgets, I often find the need to use a push button or two. They are quite easy to hook up to the breadboard, but it’s even easier if the buttons are already hooked up on a buttonshield! Therefore, I made a small four-button “shield” for my prototyping needs. The design is […]

  • Blinky ghost project

    I wanted to build something cool using my new PIR-sensor. At the same time, a night light I had bought for the children stopped working. It was a IKEA light that looks likeĀ a ghost and that is meant to be used as a night light for children. I took it apart, but I couldn’t fix […]

  • Five volt box

    I’ve often felt the need for a steady five volt output that I could use to test various components, such as LEDs, push button, rotary encoders and so on. After seeing a few examples on the internet, I decided to build my own little five volt box. I wanted to build the whole thing into […]